Economical Residential Floors
with Utmost Beauty and Function


Home improvement can be quite expensive. However, having beautiful and functional residential floors is more of a necessity than a luxury especially in Austin, Texas where people value the beauty of their homes as they do their city. There is a significant premium if the floor is upgraded to a flooring material that is both decorative and functional. Besides, every homeowner deserves a nice and comfortable place to live in. It would be a pleasure for residential customers to know that decorative concrete resurfacing solutions provide cheaper alternatives to expensive flooring materials.

The Benefits of Concrete Coatings and Overlays

Aside from being a practical solution to more expensive flooring materials, decorative concrete overlays and coatings provide noteworthy benefits for residential homeowners, such as:

  • Durability – Concrete has always been considered as a durable material which is why it is mostly used as a base material. An overlay can help enhance that durability without having to install a whole new concrete slab.
  • Aesthetics – The common notion is that the more decorative a flooring is, the more expensive it will be. This is not the case with decorative concrete floors. It provides a look so elegant at a fraction of the cost.
  • Value – Any home with beautiful and functional floors will definitely be appraised with a much higher property resale value. Decorative concrete helps achieve this with a minimal investment.

Decorative Residential Surfaces: Patio, Pool Deck, Driveway, Garage, Interior Floors

No matter what decorative concrete floors residential customers are interested in, there is an appropriate coating or overlay that will provide the most benefits.

stamped concrete pool deckConcrete Patios – Stamped concrete overlays are most recommended for these outdoor living spaces. It can be made to look like brick, pavers, and even natural stone, among others.Concrete Pool Decks – Pool decks require a beautiful floor to enhance the pool it is framing, but it needs to be absolutely safe for use especially when wet. Stamping can be done on pool decks to give it a decorative look with a great texture. Acrylic Cement Coatings are ideal for pool decks not only because it provides a textured concrete floor but because it reflects the heat of the sun, rather than absorb it, making it a lot cooler underfoot.

Concrete Driveways – For utmost curb appeal, driveways need to look impressive. Concrete stamping and Acrylic Cement Coating both work well for this type of surface as it provides better traction, is durable enough to withstand usage and outdoor weather, and stunning enough to be the envy of neighbors.

interior floor acid stain
Garage Floors
– Probably the most abused floor in the house, a garage floor needs a coating that will help it become resistant to stains, impact, abrasion, foot traffic, tire treads, and more. Residential epoxy flooring and Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating are highly recommended for maximum durability.
Interior Floors – Whether it is for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or hallway, Concrete Stains can turn any old concrete floor into a beautiful piece of art. Water-based or acid stained concrete provide homeowners with the opportunity to customize the effect and color of their floors without spending a fortune.


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Jana B
Austin Concrete Artisans were a pleasure to work with. From the beginning of the process (project review, bid estimate, contract) to the final step (sealing my new porch and walkway), the team was courteous, professional, accommodating and thorough. Other than the weather prolonging the process, everything happened in order, as stated and without problems. I love my new walkway/porch and would recommend MCA to everyone!
Jana B.
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I used Austin Concrete Artisans to do my pool deck area and they were amazing! Not only were they helpful in showing samples, colors etc… they were extremely organized and beyond efficient! I plan on using them in the future for more projects! I would highly recommend this company!
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