A swimming pool is definitely beneficial to any homeowner. It is a great place for taking laps, which is good exercise even for the elderly. It is a wonderful place to relax after a long day’s work. It is also a cool place to hold a party or a simple gathering of family and friends. Top contractors that specialize in pool decks highly suggest making the deck comfortable to walk on and very slip-resistant. It should be durable enough to withstand use and exposure to outdoor elements. For revamping concrete pool decks, here are the top solutions that made it on the list of reputable contractors’ faves:

Spray Knockdown Texture

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There are many good things about this pool deck coating that must be mentioned. One is the very slip-resistant texture it creates once sprayed and knocked down on a concrete slab. This is similar to a stucco drywall, but with a friendlier texture. The spray texture provides enough grip to prevent slips and falls but comfortable enough to walk on even without shoes or flip-flops. Another must-mention attribute is its low-temperature surface. Even under a scorching sun, the surface stays cool to the touch.


Stamped Concrete Overlay

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Although this is associated more with patios, it is also ideal for pool decks. It offers a wide range of patterns to choose from and each one is great to use around the pool. Some of the popular designs are flagstone, travertine, brick, pavers, tile, fractured slate, ashlar, and more. The imprinted patterns created after stamping the overlay make the deck slip-resistant. If you want a more decorative look than what a spray texture provides, then stamping is the right choice. The patterns can be further enhanced with concrete staining. You have the option to have the entire deck stamped or just specific sections, like borders and copings.


Stained Concrete

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Plain concrete pool decks can be made more interesting with a fresh color. But instead of paint, which is a common coloring material, concrete stain is a more effective option. Acid stains can make the deck look like one whole stone slab. You can choose a color that matches or complements the design of the house or swimming pool. If worried about slip-resistance, a sealer with very fine abrasives can be applied on top of the colored deck to make the surface more slip-resistant.