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The biggest trend among pool decks nowadays is decorative concrete. It provides an inexpensive alternative to the traditional materials that pool owners are so used to. Like hitting two birds with one stone, this effectively improves both form and function. More and more property owners are choosing to resurface or refinish their pool decks because of the many benefits it provides.

Pool Deck Resurfacing, Refinishing & Repair

In decorative concrete, there are several options available that yield different results, all of which are highly impressive.

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Pool Deck Resurfacing – This is the process of replacing the top layer with another material. This is often done on decks with minimal surface damage. The coating or overlay serves as a cover-up and as a top layer replacement. However, it can also be done on a slab that needs a new look.

Pool Deck Refinishing – Refinishing is the process of changing the finish of the pool deck, but maintaining the surface layer and the entire slab along with it. This could be a change in color or finishing coat. This is ideal for addressing stubborn stains and discolored concrete. A pool deck sealer is crucial in sealing in patterns and colors. If it has faded out, resealing the concrete is a highly recommended refinishing option.

Pool Deck Repair – The amazing thing about concrete is that it is highly versatile and highly repairable. Cracks and holes can be filled, discoloration can be recolored, and more. Resurfacing and refinishing are, in some way, types of decorative repair solutions that enhance the look and improves the function altogether.

Concrete Pool Deck Coatings & Overlays

When it comes to acquiring a reliable pool deck, it is very important the right material to use. Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable materials around. There are decorative coatings and overlays you could use to restore the existing slab, change or enhance the appearance, and improve its performance.

Stamped Concrete Overlay – This concrete overlay is installed on an existing deck and then stamped with your desired pattern. It can be sealed as it is or stained especially if it is meant to imitate a specific paving material like brick or stone.

Spray Knockdown Texture – Using a spray-down method, this acrylic concrete coating is sprayed on the pool deck and then knocked down with a trowel. That is how it acquires its unique texture. It creates a  slip-resistant surface that is also cool to the feet, perfect for walking barefoot.

Stained Concrete – Staining a discolored pool deck is one of the most popular methods of enhancing an existing deck. Acid stains create unique effects that look like real stone or even leather. Water-based stains are preferable if you want solid colors or if you want to create custom designs or patterns on the deck. Topped off with a pool deck sealer, the colors become even richer and more vibrant.

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