Concrete has been making rounds in the design world in recent years. From using it as a solid base it has now moved on to the forefront of interior design as the material of choice for decorative elements. The challenge in using concrete floors as a design statement lies in striking a balance to soften or complement the naturally hard and cold quality of concrete. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this as concrete allows a lot of room for creative expression. Here are the different ways to make a design statement with concrete flooring.

Add a Splash of Color

stained concrete floor basementThe neutral gray color of concrete makes it a blank slate that’s perfect as a canvass for adding color. Either incorporate the color onto the concrete floor itself or place colorful elements around it. Furniture with touches of bold color is a surefire way to make a popping statement. You can even get creative and hang abstract paintings. Concrete staining and decorative epoxy coatings are also great ways to add color to a concrete floor.

Warmth with Wood Accents

concrete floorA popular trend in modern interior design is to leave concrete floors bare and have it polished or coated with a transparent resin. If you opt for this raw and refined look, adding wood accents are an effective way to balance out the cold harshness of bare concrete. Concrete looks great when complemented with a different material. Wood panels, chairs, table tops, lamps, and other decorative elements add natural warmth and contrast.

Go for an Industrial Chic Vibe

concrete floorMake the most out of the industrial influence taking over the contemporary design world. Mix and match materials like exposed brick, bare fixtures, and cold steel to complement a concrete floor. Brass and gold metallic can also add a lavish accent that provides contrast to the overall atmosphere. Integrating these strong industrial elements make an impression of robust sophistication.


Play with Textures

stamped concrete patioMuch like color, textures can be added to the concrete floor itself or through other design elements. For textured concrete floors, concrete stamping is a good option. Choose a texture that adds a subtle edginess to the feel of a concrete floor like slate. Otherwise, adding soft textures with carpeting and other fabric elements gives a good contrast to the hard texture of concrete.

Decorative concrete installations are one of the best ways to enhance the look of a concrete floor. Visit our homepage to know more about decorative options for your concrete floor in Austin.