Concrete is susceptible to wear and tear. Over time, it would require repairs or replacements. But damages are not only why you would need concrete resurfacing Austin TX. Upgrade your outdoor and indoor flooring by decorating it with other beautiful and functional concrete resurfacing designs.

Different premium concrete coatings and overlays are showcasing Houston home-grown styles. Decorative concrete resurfacing revamps your home into a perfect-for-magazines estate.

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What is Resurfacing?

When upgrading concrete floors, people often and immediately think they need to tear the old concrete out and replace them. However, there can be a better option to save money and conserve resources. It also eliminates the disposal problem you have to consider when tearing out the old concrete. This better alternative is resurfacing!

Resurfacing upgrades your flooring by updating outdated finishes, hiding surface imperfections, addressing discolorations, and allowing you to have new designs. It is also great for fixing cracks.

Concrete with crazing cracks or small plastics shrinkage cracks can be addressed by concrete coatings such as polymer prime coats and base coats for resurfacing. However, larger cracks may require repair. You can consult an expert on whether your concrete can be fixed through resurfacing or replacement.

It is also essential in resurfacing that the concrete you will resurface does not have severe cracks, has freezing or thawing damage, and is not heaving. The foundation underneath or the soil must also be compacted and stable since resurfacing cannot fix this problem.

Different decorative resurfacing ideas include:

1- Stained Concrete

Achieving a stained concrete through resurfacing brings you infinite color possibilities. Instead of hardwood floors, you can achieve the same modern, classic, or rustic style by staining your concrete.

You can also add different patterns. Make sure to match your floor to its surroundings. Your flooring can also help accentuate the design of your home, its interiors, and even your landscape for outdoor floorings.

2-Stamped Concrete

Stamping Concrete can help you have concrete that would look like hardwood floors or real stone. This is what you can also call a decorative concrete resurfacing overlay. It can copy the looks of bricks, limestone, hardwood flooring, and more.

Moreover, it saves you money from buying real bricks, limestones, and such, and no one might even notice it’s just stamped concrete. It can help you recreate your pool deck or patio into a beautiful place you’ll love to enjoy and relax in.

3- Spray Texture

A popular concrete coating for pool decks, patios, driveways, and outdoor surfaces is the acrylic coating. It is a non-slip surface that absorbs less heat than other layers, making it cooler and perfect for the outdoors. It can be scored or patterned in different designs.

4- Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating

This type of concrete coating is a two-part material that is ideally used on high-traffic concrete surfaces. It cures in just a short period, and thus, is a low convenience product. It is a suitable option for commercial floors in demand for use, which then needs a material that can quickly cure for just a few hours.

5- Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is similar to the polyurea polyaspartic coating, which is best used on high-traffic concrete surfaces. A simple garage can be turned into a flooring you’d love to see in a magazine. It is also a two-part coating and is resistant to different types of damages. It is seamless and is very easy to maintain and clean.


In Summary

There are multiple possibilities of color and pattern options in resurfacing. If your concrete does not need any repairs or filling of cracks and just needs its appearance revamped, concrete resurfacing in Austin, TX, can be done by staining, stenciling, or engraving your concrete.

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