Tough and Seamless Garage Flooring in Austin, TX


It is every homeowner’s dream to have tough and durable concrete floors. With all the things a garage is being used for, it is almost impossible to keep its floor in tip-top shape. So, they learned to live with ugly, stubborn stains, dents, cracks, and all the other concrete issues garage floors often acquire. Thanks to the innovative concept of decorative concrete, a concrete garage flooring can now be made tougher, more durable, and way more stunning without changing the current slab. Read on to learn more about decorative concrete garage floor coatings.

Garage Flooring Options

Epoxy FlooringEpoxy flooring garage coating is a two-part material that is coated on existing concrete slabs to make the floor more resistant to damage. Only a thin layer of this coating is installed on the surface, enough to cover up damage and blemishes and to give the floor a brand new look. Epoxy dries to a seamless surface that looks sleek, smooth, and stunning. Plus, it is very easy to clean and maintain.

Polyurea Polyaspartic – This is also a two-part material that was originally designed to protect floors in industrial facilities from tremendous weight, impact, chemical spills, and extreme temperatures. One notable attribute of this coating is that it dries really fast. This fast-drying coating can be installed, dried, and cured in just a day.

Benefits of Polyurea Polyaspartic & Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

There are several reasons why more and more property owners are opting to resurface their concrete garage floors with our premium coatings.

  • Better Aesthetics – A damaged concrete floor is not very pleasant to look at. Resurfacing the garage floor makes it as glorious as the rest of the house. The mere addition of coatings can make any surface look more appealing. It can even be made more decorative with micro paint chips.
  • Longer-lasting – Epoxy and polyaspartic are so durable that it extends the lifespan of the concrete garage floor for several more years.
  • Economical – Resurfacing is a lot more affordable compared to replacing the entire slab with a new pour. Also, using other flooring materials and having to replace them every time because they can’t withstand heavy use will be an expensive choice.
  • Low-maintenance – Because the surface is smooth and seamless, the dirt and anything that spills on it can be cleaned off easily.

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