Have you been trying to change the look of your living room lately? Its centerpiece is the coffee table. Do you want a nice one that didn’t cost a fortune? You can build one yourself using cheap materials from a local DIY shop.

Make Sure it is the Right Size

Any slab of wood you can get is a good core material. Grab one that is the right size for your living room. Too small would make it irrelevant and out of place. Too big would take too much valuable space. You want the height of the coffee table to be about the same height as the cushions on your sofa. Its length should be almost as long as your sofa, about two-thirds to make it very accessible. And make sure you have enough space between it and the surrounding seats.

Prep the Material Thoroughly

Thoroughly sand the wood slab. It may require minor cuts before sanding. Sand all sides and edges. It is a good habit to fill cracks and knots with tung oil. You can find one at your local DIY shop or hardware. This helps a lot in preventing air bubbles from forming after epoxy is applied. Tung oil hardens upon exposure to air. The transparent coat fills and protects the wood and also adds a deeper tone to it.

Apply the Epoxy

You may use a natural colored piece of wood or one that’s painted. Next, you want about 1 gallon epoxy resin. You will need to coat the wood with epoxy all over. Now make sure you have plastic covering the floor underneath the wood slab for protection. But make sure the wood surface is level, as epoxy is self-leveling and will run to the lowest side. All the epoxy would run off the table. Use a leveling tool and flatten it using a wood plane.

Now you’re ready to mix the epoxy parts A and B. Pour both parts into one container. Mix for 8 minutes, or follow the instructions on the container.

Pour epoxy on top of the wood slab and use a squeegee to spread it all over. Use a brush to spread on the sides too. Use torch or heat gun to remove air bubbles.
As the epoxy dries continue to wipe the drips from the bottom so you don’t have to sand them off once they dry. You can use a brush to do this.

If the wood slab is painted, you can add color flakes while the epoxy is wet. You can choose from different colors creating different effects when mixed. Grab a handful of the color flakes and toss them above the wood slab.

Pouring plain clear epoxy on black wood creates a lovely glass effect once it hardens. You can add color pigments of varying colors to create a nice marble effect. Make sure you use gloves as it can get really messy. You can add vinyl stickers then apply a clear coat on top. You can use all the colors of the rainbow. Blue and black would make a nice marble effect.

Don’t Forget the Legs

Now for the legs, you can use 1-inch diameter pipe and matching floor flanges for the feet and table support. Make sure the pipe lengths are about the height of the cushions on your sofa.

This is just one nice project you can do using epoxy. And it’s a nice way to match your epoxy resin flooring design or color since epoxy floors project a minimalist, uncluttered and vibrant theme to any room.