It’s understandably hard to imagine an eco-friendly swimming pool. That’s because of all the chemicals and energy it takes to properly maintain it. This challenges us to think about how conventional swimming pool maintenance impacts the environment. Harmful chemicals and excessive energy consumption contribute to the destruction of the environment. With the realization of this hard-hitting truth, the necessity to make sustainable choices is a responsibility of pool owners. With that being said, here are simple steps that you can take towards an eco-friendly swimming pool.

Put the Chlorine on Hold

pool deck resurfacing austinIt’s no surprise that most pool owners use chlorine and algaecide to keep their swimming pools clean. Reduce the use of these harmful chemicals by opting for eco-friendly alternatives. Ozonator systems, natural mineral sanitizers, and bromine are some of the options you can take. These can drastically cut down chlorine and algaecide use.

Switch to Renewable Energy

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Solar panels have been around for so long it can be quite surprising how they aren’t as common. Solar energy is a renewable energy source that can save you money while saving the environment. Indeed, it can be pricey up front but the benefits outweigh this in the long run. Power up pool equipment and machines without the guilt.


Less Energy Consumption with Heat Pumps

Instead of conventional pool heaters, choose to heat the pool with heat pumps. Heat pumps use minimal energy and naturally draw thermal energy from the air. This thermal energy is transferred to the water. Voila! A practical and green heating option.

Naturally Filter Swimming Pools with Moss

In an effort to contribute to the environment, the University of Maryland swapped from conventional pool filters to moss. That’s right. The green dense clumps can actually be beneficial to swimming pools. Since the swap, the educational institution was able to reduce 40% of its chemical use and 75% of its water consumption. Hopefully, this method will be accessible to all.

Renovate with Pool Deck Resurfacing

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Swimming pool renovations can take a lot of time, energy and money. If you want to enhance or renew the look of a pool area, opt for pool deck resurfacing instead. This will drastically change the look of pool area without consuming as much energy as pool deck replacement and other enhancements.

Make your move now. Consider these options to make your swimming pool clean and green. If you’re interested in pool deck resurfacing and other services, visit our homepage to know more.