It’s the first impression of your home and the last thing people see when they’re leaving your home. It’s a wonder we don’t pay that much attention to decorating the entryway of a home when we know all this to be true. But if you’re serious about home decor, then you need to pay attention to every detail in your entryway.
If you’re not sure where to start with that, here are 5 ways you can improve your entryway that can be done easily:

1.Get the lighting right

entryway austinChances are, you have one source of light in your entryway that serves both functional and decorative functions. But a great way to add dimension and design to the space that still serves a function is to choose numerous points for light.

Lights can be hanging, table-set, or floor-style lights. Consider a mix of at least two or all three to layer lights in your entryway. Choose one to be decorative and then complement it with functional and minimal light fixtures. Playing with light bulb strengths and shades can also be a creative way to do this.

2. Get creative with stamped concrete flooring

stamped concrete entrywayIf you plan on keeping your floors free of rugs, then consider adding design to your bare floors to maximize the space.

It will depend on the kind of flooring you have but we particularly love the look of a stamped concrete entryway. Stamp concrete can mimic many other flooring materials like wood or stone while still remaining durable, but it can also be stamped into a specific design or pattern like a geometric pattern. And concrete floors are famously durable, stain-resistant, and can very easily last underfoot.

The good thing about concrete stamp floors is that they blend functionality and design!

3. Decorate your walls

entryway ideasThe entryway is the perfect place to immediately let your guests know who you are and what your house’s style is. And the easiest way to do this is to decorate the entryway’s walls.

You can do this in a number of ways. If you have photos of your family that you particularly love, hang those up in varied and fun frames that match the rest of your decor. Or if you want to make it less personal, hang up pieces of art and prints that you like. You can also hang up a large decorative mirror to both decorate the space and allow guests a way to check themselves over before leaving.

4. Add color and texture with a rug

rug entrywayIf you don’t feel like you can commit to a whole flooring change, invest in an interesting and artful rug that can bring both color, warmth, and texture to your entryway.

Stay away from rugs made of materials like olefin or cotton in an entryway where traffic and dirt from shoes may break down the rug. Instead, choose something like wool or jute that is durable, stain-resistant, and can hold up well under heavy foot traffic.

5. Let people know what the rest of the house will look like

Though it is a small part of a home, it is worth investing in a piece for the entryway that brings it in and ties it with the rest of the home.

If your home decor takes a rustic kind of direction, for example, make sure the entryway reflects that same decor by choosing tables and colors that give a rustic feel. Doing otherwise could create disharmony among the rooms in your home.

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