Decorative Concrete Interior Floors:
Fabulous Beyond Words


As the most popular base material for construction and home improvement, concrete is considered to be very durable. It remains so until today but decorative concrete flooring have revolutionized its use and aesthetics. Homeowners in the Austin, Texas used to hate the idea of having plain concrete for interior floors. Although it makes indoors a lot cooler in contrast to the humid climate of the city, it would either be covered with another material like tile, stone, carpets, or vinyl to make it more pleasant to the eyes. Now, floors inside the house can be made more beautiful at a cost more economical than that of traditional flooring materials.

The Wonders of Decorative Concrete

Concrete is very versatile. It can be enhanced further to optimize its look and function. Plain or previously resurfaced floors can be resurfaced with a coating or overlay to make it a lot more durable and aesthetically impressive. Some of the best solutions for concrete resurfacing include:

concrete floors austinStained Concrete Floors – One of the simplest yet highly effective way of enhancing plain concrete floors is the application of concrete stains. It can either be a water-based stain or an acid stain, depending on the effect desired by the customer. Acid staining produces translucent and random effects, bringing the look of a natural stone slab on any interior floor. Water-based stains are a lot more manageable because it does not cause any chemical reaction with the concrete surface. It produces opaque and more consistent colors.

Metallic Epoxy Floors – For garages and basements, epoxy is a coating that comes highly recommended because of its durability and ease of maintenance. An epoxy floor takes a few days to cure before it can be ready for use, but once it is ready, it is resistant to most floor damage.

Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating – Also perfect for garages and basements, polyurea polyaspartic is an alternative to epoxy for homeowners who are looking for something that installs a lot quicker. This one-day installation material needs to be applied and spread out immediately because it dries pretty quickly. It is a highly durable material often used for industrial floors like those in warehouses, factories, airport hangars, and more.


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Austin Concrete Artisans were a pleasure to work with. From the beginning of the process (project review, bid estimate, contract) to the final step (sealing my new porch and walkway), the team was courteous, professional, accommodating and thorough. Other than the weather prolonging the process, everything happened in order, as stated and without problems. I love my new walkway/porch and would recommend MCA to everyone!
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I used Austin Concrete Artisans to do my pool deck area and they were amazing! Not only were they helpful in showing samples, colors etc… they were extremely organized and beyond efficient! I plan on using them in the future for more projects! I would highly recommend this company!
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