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Commercial flooring is requires tremendous planning when it comes to design and material. New concrete floor installations can be quite an expense for businesses so it is important for business owners to find something that would keep up with the demands of a commercial space without requiring an exorbitant amount of money. Austin, Texas gets a lot of tourists all year round, being the live music capital of the world and all. Local businesses need to make sure that their floors are durable and visually impressive to satisfy their tourists and locals alike. Fortunately, decorative concrete became a popular and reliable option that is up to par with business standards and preferences.

Multi-family / Apartments

Apartments and condos are meant to provide living spaces for individuals and families. Such residences come with facilities that are readily available for its tenants. Because it is used several times a day in a daily basis, floors of such facilities become prone to excessive usage, thus, making it an easy candidate for flooring damage. Decorative commercial concrete, such as stamped concrete, stains, and acrylic cement, is an economical way to repair and renew the top surface of a concrete floor to keep it looking good and functioning properly. These are ideal for:

  • Laundry facilities
  • Entryways and lobbies
  • Individual apartment or condo units
  • Patios and verandas
  • Parking spaces and driveways
  • Swimming pool areas

Industrial Floors

When it comes to industrial floors, extreme durability is a must. Polyurea polyaspartic and epoxy floor coatings are highly recommended concrete resurfacing solutions for industrial use because it is resistant to the pressure caused by heavy machineries and equipment. It is also resistant to chemical spills, impact, and heavy foot traffic. Industrial businesses that could benefit from these include:

  • Warehouses or other storage facilities
  • Factories
  • Distribution Centers
  • Chemical manufacturing plants
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Military facilities

City Government Facilities

There is a wide range of government facilities in Austin, both for private and public use. Concrete overlays and coatings would be great ways to restore the look of concrete floors without having to shell out a large amount from the city’s budget. Parks, government offices, agencies, and more will also benefit from the stunning aesthetics of such coatings and overlays.

Stadiums / Athletic Facilities

commercial pool deck with spray texture Austin has several teams in various sports and it also plays host to some sports events such as Formula One and the United States Grand Prix. All athletic facilities in the city need to be regularly maintained to keep it from affecting athlete performances as well as the safety of spectators. For swimming pool decks, an acrylic cement coating would be a good option because of its slip-resistance and ability to stay cool underfoot.

HOA (Community pool, Office building)

Recognized as one of the best places to live, Austin has a lot of homeowner associations that offer ideal residential properties. Such properties need to follow a certain standard or policy when it comes to construction and home improvement and this include floors. Be it stamped concrete, stains, acrylic cement coatings, epoxy, or polyurea polyaspartic coatings, decorative commercial concrete is definitely a very economical solution for:

  • Gated residential communities
  • Exclusive subdivisions
  • Company properties for employees
  • Private or member-only villages

Hotels & Resorts (Hospitality)

pool deck with stamped overlay Tourism is a huge part of Austin’s economy so it is but ideal to keep hotels and resorts in good shape so tourists would be comfortable and satisfied to their hearts’ content. One of the things people look for in accommodation is the floor. Ugly and damaged floors can definitely affect the overall look of any room or area. Decorative resurfacing for concrete floors can help improve visual appeal, optimize its function, and make concrete floors last longer. Making it a perfect solution for:

  • Hotel lobbies or reception areas
  • Pool decks
  • Customer parking and valet areas
  • Conference halls or function rooms
  • Individual rooms
  • Penthouses and VIP rooms
  • Athletic amenities
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Parks, patios, and verandas

Country Clubs

Country clubs require members to pay a certain fee to be able to gain the privilege to enjoy exclusive perks and amenities within the club. It is but natural for a member to expect something great since they are paying for satisfaction. Imagine ugly and boring floors in country clubs. A huge turn off, definitely. For such clubs to be able to maintain their members and entice new ones to join, all facilities should be beautiful and functional. Owners can choose from a variety of concrete overlays and coatings to improve old concrete slabs for:

  • Tennis courts
  • Golfing facilities
  • Dining areas
  • Recreation spaces
  • Rooms
  • Event spaces and function halls
  • Lobbies or receiving areas
  • Driveways
  • Parking spaces

Property Management Companies

Property management can be such a responsibility especially when it comes to improving and maintaining concrete floors. Fortunately, affordable decorative concrete solutions are now available for property managers. Not only do they get better looking and more durable floors, they do so without the burden of spending too much.

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