Staining a concrete driveway is one of the best ways to make it look more elegant and interesting. You have the option to do it yourself or to hire a pro to do it for you. If you choose the former, it is important to understand that there will be risks. One is footprint stains. Whether it is from a human or a pet, it can be very frustrating to see faded prints where the stain used to be and stained footprints on the garage, patio, or any place else it should not be. Here are some tips to help you clean them up.

stained concrete driveway austinWater-Based Stain

If you used a water-based stain on the driveway, it is important to keep extra stain that has not been used. In the event that there are footprints on the driveway, all you have to do is add more stain on the faded areas until it matches the rest of the surface. Then coat the entire floor with one more layer for a consistent look. If this does not work. Add

Acid Stain

Acid stains penetrate deep into the concrete slab so cleanup will be more difficult. You may need to sand off the top layer and stain it all over again. Re-applying an acid stain over the footprints alone might highlight it even more. Since this type of stain is more tricky, consult a pro on how to deal with the unwanted footprints.

Preventing Footprints on a Stained Concrete Driveway

Prevention is always better than cure. If you are planning to have an acid stained concrete driveway, make sure to take certain precautions to keep human feet or animals paws from making their mark on the surface. Here’s how:

  • Let everyone know that you or a contractor will be performing a concrete staining job on the driveway.
  • Use tape, ropes, or anything that could serve as a barricade to keep people out of the area.
  • Hang “Keep Out” signs to warn people.
  • Give delivery men, mailmen, and other people who often come by an alternate route to your doorway if needed.

A footprint stain on the surface is just one of the many bad things that could happen on a recently stained driveway. If you are unsure how you could deal with staining without all the possible risks, spare yourself from the stress and hire a pro who can do it for you.